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Never know what to put on these things. Well, my name's Thai, I'm neutrois and pronoun-wise you can use my name, seems reasonably simple that way. I'm also an aromantic asexual, but really need platonic relationships.
I have a pet rat called Nina, and have had a few rats in the past before her. I enjoy playing the violin/fiddle, reading, watching good films, learning new things, drawing and generally doing what I can to pass the time well. I have ME which sometimes gets in the way of these things, but that's what I use games for.
I'm generally very bad at talking to people first, but there's no stopping me when someone starts the conversation.
My goal in life is to be a violin maker, and have a lot of good people around me. I really love music and attend gigs whenever I get the chance really and can't help but keep enlarging my CD collection, also spend a bit of time playing the fiddle.
I have absolutely no fashion sense really, I can appreciate an item of clothing looking good, but the second I have to match it with something else or know if it suits someone I fall really short.
Hmm... I can't think of anything else to put here, feel free to say hi-I don't bite.
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